About Redili

Company for, by and of Autistic Individuals
Train for Employability

Our goal is to make autistic adults employable and productive citizens

Bring Work to them

Our approach is not to send them to workplaces where they need to fit in, but create a workplace where the work can fit

Environment Designed for them

Our promise is to provide a safe and suitable environment designed for them

Empower them with Respect & Dignity in Life

Our Vision is to empower autistic individuals maximize their lifestyle, and live a life of respect and dignity within the society

  • 14+ years moderate to high functioning autistic young adults
  • 6 months to 1 year employable skills training program to make them independent
  • At the end of the training, we will provide employment opportunity
  • They will be employed 9-5, with a title, office desk, and salary account in a sensory friendly and relaxing work environment
  • They will do low intensive manufacturing, packaging and low complexity data and graphics work under guided supervision

Redili Center

Kartik Nagar, Bangalore
Chocolate Packaging


Meena Girisaballa
Chairman & Managing Trustee

Super mom of an autistic-teen Tanav.

A serial entrepreneur with over 25 yrs global experience in managing enterprise software products at E*Trade, Blue Cross, Intuit and Oracle. Wants to make every parent help create awesome life for their child.

Antara Dey Chowdhury
Chief Operations Director

Super mom of an autistic-teen Kabir.

An Air Force veteran, lawyer and a Board certified behavior specialist with a decade of deep experience in working with children on the spectrum, and parents. Experienced in training and building courses and curriculum on Autism.

We need your support!

Redili is a 80G and Section 12 Non-profit organization. CSR Eligible

You want to support inclusion in your organization, and promote equity in society

  • Support our programs with your sponsorships/ donations
  • Provide mentors/volunteers
  • Support by giving project work
  • Support by buying our corporate gifting products
Individual Patrons

You care about special needs, and want to help in creating an inclusive society

  • Support our programs by sponsorships / donations
  • Become a volunteer/mentor
  • Support by buying our products

Antara Dey Chowdhury

+91 81470 37151


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